Friday, December 17, 2010

Hour 1

We started the day in the greatest way possible: with a trip to Puppytown! Steve got a new puppy last night and was forced by Zane to bring her in this morning. She's adorable. Facebook will be rolling out facial recognition technology shortly. There are some stupid people that are worried about this because now the government will be able to know exactly what you look like. So what?

Hour 2

In the WEC cage fighting event last night, Anthony Pettis ran up the side of the cage, sprang forward in one fluid motion and delivered a clean kick to the head of lightweight king Benson Henderson. You can see that incredible move in the Video Reel. Based on this, we talked about why boxing is seems to be dying while MMA is rising. This also reminded us of our experiences watching low budget MMA at a local venue. A baseball legend died yesterday, but you've probably never heard of him. His name was Bob Feller, aka Rapid Robert. We agreed that was the worst nickname ever. He pitched for the Indians back in the day and they once used a speeding motorcycle driving past the mound to measure how fast his pitches were! Pam Anderson will grace the cover of the January issue of Playboy. We decided to ask the question: Does anyone still care about seeing Pamela Anderson naked? Take the web poll now!

Hour 3

CBS News did an interview with the security guard that shot the Florida school board shooter, Clay Duke. It's remarkable that he was able to stay as calm as he did. A woman in Sacramento, along with The Center for Science in the Public Interest, has filed a lawsuit claiming that McDonald's toys entice children to make unhealthy food choices. This is just another attempt for people to blame childhood obesity on someone other than the parents. Larry King's final broadcast was last night and it was awkward as hell. We played a bunch of the best awkward moments from the show this morning.

Hour 4

Check out the Cool Links section for a list of the top ten sports stories from 2010. We agreed that nine of the stories deserved to be on there, while one definitely did not. Be sure to watch the video in the Video Reel of the model whose hair caught on fire at a P. Diddy album release party. Luckily, she was in a hot tub so she was able to dunk her head and put out the inferno. Producer Joe played for us this morning his fourth favorite stunt from the year 2010. It was the "I'm Your New Manager Challenge".

Hour 5

We went over a list comparing the things that cost insurance companies the most amount of money. Some of the results to this were very surprising. In What Hot Wings Thinks, Hot Wings talked about the awful habit that some women have of wearing pajama pants out in public. We got a ton of feedback about this from people that either do this, or know people who do this. In conclusion, don't wear pajamas in public. You look like a slob. We ended the show with a round of Name That Blank in which we were able to bust out some of the great audio from Pele and the movie Victory. Talk to you on Monday morning!