Friday, December 10, 2010

Hour 1

Zane called the company that manages the building this morning because, once again, he could not get in to the building because the stupid door was broken. It has been this way for about six years with no chance of it ever being fixed. They are the worst building management company in America. There is a new Justice League porno coming out and we checked out some photos of the characters this morning. Most of the chicks in the movie are pretty hot! A guy went to sell his Rolex on eBay recently, and was surprised when it sold for a ton of cash. He was only hoping to get about $100 out of it, but got over $65,000!

Hour 2

We made a big announcement on the show early this morning. We'll once again be filling in for Dan Patrick on his radio show when he is on vacation next Wednesday, December 15th. The difference this time, though, is that we'll be doing the show live from his studio in Connecticut and it will also be on Comcast and DirecTV! This is huge! We had some funny discussion about what we're supposed to wear on the big day. A kid is being charged with felony sexual assault after checking another kid's oil in a wrestling match. We took calls from a bunch of listeners who have had experience with oil checking and wrestling.

Hour 3

Producer Joe pulled a ridiculous "prank" on Hot Wings in the office yesterday. At first, Hot Wings was pretty pissed off, but after everyone else laughed in his face for about ten minutes, he eventually came around. A Santa working at a Macy's was fired because he told a crappy joke to two adults that decided to sit on his lap. Everyone involved in this story was stupid and this should not have been covered by any news source. Based on this story, we dug up the old Producer Joe stunt where he had to sit on Santa's lap.

Hour 4

Listeners are beginning to send in montages of all of our verbal crutches. We revealed one of Hot Wings' crutches on the air earlier this week and today we revealed one that a listener put together of Zane. About halfway through the show, a representative from building management responded to Zane's tirade voicemail from this morning. They didn't appreciate is language, but said that they would look in to the matter. Nothing will be fixed. Since we're filling in for Dan Patrick again, and his show is a sports show, we decided to make Hot Wings come up with questions for guests that we could possibly have. Apparently, Hot Wings really cares about everyone's feelings.

Hour 5

We have a bunch of new stuff that will be coming to the website in the next few weeks. Also, all VIP members will be automatically entered in to a drawing to win a $100 Visa gift card, so be sure to sign up now if you're not already a VIP! We got an email update on the stunt that Producer Joe did while he was in Nashville over the summer. Abby the Spoon Lady emailed to tell us that she has seen the video and thought that it was really funny! You can see that video on the Joe's Stunts page from September. We closed the show with a round of Name That Blank. Talk to you on Monday!