Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hour 1

We started the morning talking about how we were obviously not in Dallas for the Super Bowl, as was the original plan for today and tomorrow. Talking about this led to Free Beer recapping the time he had people over to watch the Super Bowl, but all of the women decided to have stupid, BS conversations and drowned out the game for everyone else. Zane told us that he had to give a "whatever you do, keep talking loudly" beatdown to some little brat in church recently. Terrence Howard just divorced for the third time. He has been quoted as saying previously that a girl isn't for him if she just uses toilet paper. He said that she also has to use baby wipes in order for him to be with her.

Hour 2

In the aftermath of SNOWMAGEDDON yesterday, Zane hit some snow in the road that a plow driver just left there. It was such a huge chunk that it screwed up his car. A bunch of plow drivers called in to comment. Zane cleared the snow from his neighbors' driveway yesterday. He then called his neighbor to tell him that he expected him to now use that cleared path to bring some freshly baked cookies. In what could possibly be the worst drug side effect ever, a dude claimed that the side effect of the drug he was taking, Requip, was turning him into a gay sex addict. He now enjoys getting pounded by dudes. You can go to the post office and mail nearly anything these days. One stupid woman, however, was under the impression that it was cool to send a puppy in the mail. We ridiculed her idiocy for a little while this morning.

Hour 3

Whoopi Goldberg has now weighed in on the Charlie Sheen situation. She said that he can't get better until he's ready to get better. She also said that she hit rock bottom when she pooped the bed in fear. Felony, a porn star that Sheen knows, has also started giving all the dirty on him. Check out the Video Reel for the video of a goalie fight from the NHL last night. One of the two goalies definitely did not want to be involved in the fight. A survey was done that asked what the dumbest questions asked of Virgin Atlantic's flight attendants were. We asked our listeners to call in with the stupid questions that they get at their jobs and got some great responses!

Hour 4

We played the video of a woman with the worst laugh in the world. She sounds like Pacman when she laughs. You can check out that video in the Video Reel. This reminded us of all of the other awful laughs that we have played recently, so we threw together a little montage. In today's FBHW Report, we checked out the video of Chicago weatherman Jim Cantore freaking out about the weather phenomenon thunder snow. He goes bonkers. We also talked about how Anderson Cooper got his ass beat while reporting from Egypt. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $800 from Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

The British TV show Top Gear is in some hot water now. One of the hosts made comments about a new Mexican car and used a bunch of Mexican stereotypes. Everyone in Mexico hates them now. You can see that in Cool Links. Hot Wings jokingly referred to the big blizzard yesterday as "Snow Rape '11" and some woman felt the need to email the show and bitch because she was very offended. She should probably lighten up a bit. We closed the show by playing the montage of Justin Bieber on Leno recently. You won't believe how many times he said the world "like" in an 11 minute interview! Talk to you tomorrow.