Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hour 1

So there's a massive storm bearing down on the entire country. We talked about how there is basically zero chance that we'll be at the Super Bowl this week for our live broadcasts. We went over four Super Bowl myths that hack shows will use for material this week, such as the myth that everyone will wait till halftime to use the bathroom. According to the myth, the mass flushing will cause many small towns to drown in feces.

Hour 2

We talked this morning about some of the classic Super Bowl commercials from the past, like the Terry Tate Office Linebacker commercial. In an attempt at a terror attack, a suicide bomber set up the bombs that she had strapped to her to go off when her cell phone got a text message. Unfortunately, she used her regular cell phone and someone sent her a text first. She blew up and everybody was happy. After Producer Joe's Free Samples A-hole stunt from last week, a woman that worked for the store that the stunt took place posted some very insulting comments about her employer on our Facebook page. They saw it and this was grounds for termination! We asked the audience this morning to tell us if forced to choose, would they take their pet or significant other? We got a bunch of calls going both ways.

Hour 3

We played the video that we found of the ridiculous sex robot that sucks on sausage. You can see that in the Video Reel. Based on that, we got a call from Frankie, who told us that he's really turned on by a robot from a vodka commercial. We looked up the robot and she looks horrible. A dirt poor school in West Palm Beach is stirring up controversy for accepting a donation from a man that operates strip clubs. Zane stated that he felt that accepting that cash is like accepting blood money and he wouldn't allow his kids to go to a school funded by strip clubs. He got a bunch of emails during the break from people calling him a hypocrite. We asked listeners to call in and complete the following sentence: I overlooked __________ because they were hot/rich. We got a few good calls, but limped to the finish.

Hour 4

Mega-storm is bearing down on the entire country. Flights are already being canceled and delayed at many airports, including Dallas/Fort Worth, which is where we're supposed to fly in for the Super Bowl broadcast. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about how Charlie Sheen has decided to just hang out at home with his doctors instead of going to rehab. We also talked about how Mcdonalds' Hamburger University in China is becoming much harder to get in to than all of our ivy league schools, due to the insane amounts of restaurants. We went over the list of the random stuff that people will bet on this year for the Super Bowl, including length of National Anthem, commercials, etc. We then asked people to call in that felt like they had bet the most of the game this year.

Hour 5

Zane gave us another mustache update this morning. People are still telling him how awful it looks. On the bright side, he only has another five weeks of growth! We talked about a study this morning that said that the average couple practices only two sexual positions on a regular basis. This was basically a chance for us to read the accompanying list of filthy sexual positions in a very couched way. Talk to you on Wednesday if we're not all dead from SNOWMAGEDDON!