Hour 1

Free Beer and Zane got an interesting email from P90X demanding an assortment of pictures. Also Zane watched a show with his wife over the weekend. The show followed the life of a girl that had something very peculiar growing on her hands.

Hour 2

In the can't wait to talk about blank segment, we got a call from Heinz. He told us his experience playing the Free Beer and Hot Wings drinking game. We watched a news story about a racist snowman, and got some calls about bad neighbor stories. Also Zane's son had a hockey tournament, and played some Canadians that should be in the NHL. Then we read a list of tipping suggestions.

Hour 3

We watched the movie trailer of the new Jodie Foster Movie starring Mel Gibson. There was another mascot in handcuffs incident over the weekend. Also we took calls from people asking, what do people say when they leave your house?

Hour 4

We read a list of ridiculous 911 calls. We also replayed a couple of classic 911 dispatcher calls. In the Free Beer and Hot Wings Report, we talked about a man in stilts trying to jump a car on a German T.V. show. It didn't end well for the man. It turns out that Charles Manson has something that you would think wouldn't be allowed in prison. And we talked about some people getting kicked off airplanes because they refused to do very simple things.

Hour 5

We talked about a man who says his cell phone blew up in his ear while he was talking on it. One of Hot Wings wife's friends told her that her husband expressed interest in doing something very weird in the bed. We finished up the day with a list of 12 things that happens to your body after you die.