Monday, January 31, 2011

Hour 1

We started the day by talking about Terry McMillan, who recently trashed the way Will Smith is raising his kids. Apparently, his kids are too precocious. Herschel Walker won his second MMA fight at the age of 49. He dominated pretty well. There was a big boxing match at the Silverdome over the weekend. The place seats about a million people, but only 4,000 people showed up for it!

Hour 2

Zane's mustache is coming along white nicely! He talked this morning about the fact that everyone feels that it's alright to criticize his look and tell him how awful it looks. You can see it in the Mustaches album on the Photos page. We played a clip of Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric on The Today Show from 1994 wondering what the hell this "Internet" thing is. Check that out in the Video Reel.

Hour 3

We went over a list of brain tricks that are supposed to keep your brain sharp. They included writing, math problems, meditation, etc. Check the Cool Links section for the complete list. While in the Cool Links section, be sure to watch the news clip where a female wrestler, Isis the Amazon, gets a news reporter all horned up. It's uncomfortable and weird. We read a news story about an old lady who was banned from the library for a peculiar reason. Based on this, we asked listeners to call in and tell us what they had been banned from and why.

Hour 4

After only one day interning with the show, one of our newest interns has already quit. His parents did not approve of the potty-talk nature of our show. This brought up the topic "who's still under their parents thumb". We got quite a few calls from people about that. We somehow got on the topic of our intern Monchichi's home life. He told us that his room shares a wall with his parents and that he hears them having sex on a regular basis! We closed the hour by attempting to go over a list of unusual sex facts, which you can find in Cool Links. For some reason, this was derailed by Zane teaching Hot Wings how to shoot a snot rocket. Since Joe is grossed out by things like this, the snot rocket lessons took place in his booth.

Hour 5

We came back from the break and finished up the list of sex facts. In today's FBHW Report, we talked solely about the downward spiral of Charlie Sheen. He's now in rehab and everyone is sure he'll be dead within weeks. We closed the show by talking about a dude who went in to the hospital for a circumcision, but somehow came out of the hospital with no penis. We also touched briefly on a dude in Seattle that would jog behind chicks, fall and stick his nose in their butt. What the hell? Talk to you on Tuesday!