Monday, January 10, 2011

Hour 1

We're back! The show started off talking about Zane and Steve's run in the AT Marathon; both of them did awesome but Steve beat his personal best by 40 minutes! Free Beer then described some crazy radio dreams he had the night before coming back into work. They then discussed a list of items/jobs that would be obsolete to children in the future. We finished up the first hour with the flashback: Waking up during surgery.

Hour 2

Some great football happened during the break so the guys started talking about that and is per show custom, they started talking about how Free Beer shaved his goatee. A news story about a garage party bet that went terribly wrong was discussed. Word of advice: don't let anyone punch you in the nose, for any reason. Hour two was ended with Free Beer sharing why he did not enjoy the first 30 hours of his vacation.

Hour 3

The third hour of the show started with Free Beer's confusion at Zane's fear of him. Hot Wings thinks that if Zane continues this that Zane will go crazy. Producer Joe shared that he is now super scared of flying because of a PBS show he watched. He went bananas on the plane and had to be calmed down by 'Hey You'. The terrible tragedy of Arizona was discussed and it seemed unanimous among the guys that the news is putting too large of a political spin on it. We finished off the hour talking about the homeless guy with the crazy "golden throat" voice.

Hour 4

Free Beer and Producer Joe both went on cruises and noticed that tipping everyone seems to be a common theme. Also, Producer Joe shared something special that he did on his cruise with 'Hey You'. The FBHW Report was kind of split and it started with talk about the wild card games. They ended the Report at the end of the hour talking about how in Indianapolis, a local Fox affiliate decided to go homeless talent hunting.

Hour 5

On Free Beer's flight back, he had a wonderful opportunity to judge a fellow passenger who seemed to have many loser qualities. Of course, that opened up discussion of judging people without knowing much about them. Free Beer's Mother-in-law convinced him to gamble on the cruise and he won a decent payout after the first few tries; she did not enjoy his luck. This led to the discussion of a 60 Minutes piece on gambling. The show ended with the guys talking about a new 911 call story and of course, this gave them the opportunity to play Zane's famous call to 911. Certainly, certainly.