Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hour 1

The guys started of the day by looking back to the days when they made minimum wage and could sit around all day. They then went on to talk about how some dumb old woman on a US Airways flight let her dog out of the carrier and it caused the flight to have to make an emergency landing. This of course led to talking about how old people and people in general tend to stink.

Hour 2

Zane explained to us that his dad called and had been 'reminiscing about the good old times'. Zane found this to be odd because those were necessarily happy times for him. He invited his dad to his house but Joanne put a stop to that. A listener sent in an email saying he got punched for accidentally touching some girl's blackberry. The girl's boyfriend thought he was trying to steal it. We finished off the hour with the top ten celebrities you wouldn't believe had their own video games.

Hour 3

This hour started with the controversy that is Wiki Leaks. That whole situation seems like a huge fiasco for everyone involved. We also discussed how some researchers in China are dressing up like pandas when working with them. Everyone found it to be a little odd. Listeners called in with stories of gifts they bought for their significant other but were really for themselves.

Hour 4

Free Beer told a story of how his wife was molested by an old man; he demonstrated this on Joe. They talked about how no one on the show calls the police when something illegal happens after that. Pearl Harbor happened 69 years ago today and they talked about how crazy that was. Joe finished off the hour with a story about Hey You and her mother at a grocery store. The cashier said that it must be nice to still have a mom, she then blasted them with a cry baby story about having no one to share Christmas with.

Hour 5

Kathy Griffin stirred up some trouble at the USO tour and Fox News got fussy about it. They discussed how it wasn't really a bad statement but just the truth about Bristol Palin. Basil Marceaux has made a comeback with an awesome Christmas song. It was terrible and Zane was amazed that his family lets him get away with this. Free Beer has problems with the word: extradition. We finish off the show with The 6 Creepiest Services For Mourning a Dead Pet.