Monday, December 20, 2010

Hour 1

Free Beer and Producer Joe both saw The Fighter this weekend. After watching the movie, they concluded that Boston is the place where the world's poorest and ugliest people come from. We talked about the crazy story of a concrete worker named Joe that delivered a woman's baby in a convenience story parking lot when she couldn't make it to the hospital. After delivering the kid, he just took off! Because it's what we do, we turned him in to a stupid talking do-gooder that goes from charity event to charity event tough talking people.

Hour 2

In the NFL yesterday, the Eagles beat the crap out of the Giants in a ridiculous, last minute punt return. There is no doubt that someone on the Giants will be losing their job because of it. Zane watched his son play hockey this weekend against a team that consisted of good kids but a-hole hockey parents. One of the stupid parents was screaming at the kids, so Zane riled him up easily by making angry noises and mocking him to his face. There is now a 3D porno video game for the Kinect. Nerds all over the world can now rejoice! Check out the story in Cool Links.

Hour 3

A couple of guys in Maryland were fined by conservation officers after they rescued a deer that had fallen through the ice. The reason they were fined was because they were not wearing life preservers while in their boat! Based on this story, we took calls from listeners to find out what other professions have power trips. We watched the promo for the new TV show My Strange Addiction. During this segment, Charlie from Nashville called in because, well, we're still not really sure. He told us that he liked to go to sleep by the sound of his guitar feedback and proceeded to take 10 minutes to demonstrate it to us.

Hour 4

The TSA was back in the news this morning because some screeners at the Houston airport failed to detect a loaded 40 caliber handgun that a man had in his carry on bag. How the hell does that happen? Producer Joe pulled some audio from the new show Gold Rush Alaska over the weekend. Apparently, a big gold find is referred to as a "glory hole", so that was amusing. We closed the hour by having listeners call in and play Worst Christmas Gift Poker.

Hour 5

We got an email from a guy that called himself "Renaissance Man", saying he will not be listening to our show again because we made fun of the DNR. We tried to get him on the air to explain why he was so fussy, but our calls went unanswered. Zane's beef with a 15 year old kid has ramped up a little bit more. They will be trying to beat the crap out of each other at the Disney half marathon on a few weeks. We closed the show with Producer Joe's 3rd favorite stunt from 2010. Be sure to listen tomorrow for a special Tuesday edition of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $2,400 from our friends at Cat Footwear!