I took a time out at work last week and asked all of you, "What is the greatest pick up line you have ever heard or given?"  And let me say Grand Rapids, you guys have some crazy pick up lines... how well these working for you?

Daniel-Housecat Muñoz - Does this napkin smell like Chlorophyll to you?

Jessica Groth-  I like that outfit your wearing, it would look really good crumpled up at the end of my bed

Larry Johnson - Want to play army. I'll lay down and you can blow me

Tiffany Wade Tennant - If you were a bag of chips and I was a battery, you would frito-lay (free to lay) and I would be everready

Stephanie Ratering - You, Me, Whipped Cream, Hand Cuffs. Any Questions?

Kc Nelson -  If you was a tree I were a Squirrel I'd store my nuts in yer hole

Jason Schemmel - Guy: "So you wanna grab a pizza, screw?" (Girl walks away in disgust) Guy: "What? You don't like pizza?"

Todd Miller - Man: (in a loud club) "do you want to dance?"
Girl: What with you? No.
Man: Oh, no- I said your butt looks big in those pants

Conner Sicklesteel -  bcdefghijklmnopsvwxyz. what did I forget? oh... u-r-a-q-t. :D

Stephanie Ratering - Hey baby! have you ever had your asshole licked by a fat guy in an overcoat?