I like to think of myself as "multifaceted" I like a lot of random stuff, I like rock music, and going to shows and partying... but I also like to read, I like sci-fi and I like pageants... yes beauty pageants. I really don't know what it is I like so much about them, maybe all the cool outfits we wear?

Walking on the stage is pretty fun... I just enjoy them, and after years of competing and epically failing, I finally won!

This past weekend I competed in Miss Michigan Galaxy, the winner of that pageant heads out to the Miss Galaxy International pageant. After a very long weekend Saturday night, I was crowned the new Miss Michigan Galaxy. I was so pumped! I must say I knew it was going good when one of the judges asked me what my favorite band was and I responded with, "Sixx AM" she then said "OMG ISNT NIKKI SIXX CUTE"

A fellow rocker at a pageant, who'd a thought! Anyway I was pretty geeked on winning here are some photos from the weekend in a chronological order of events...