This past 4th of July I entered the 2011 Volkslaufe 5k! Yup Volkslaufe, WTF does that mean? Well its German and its in the awesome German town of Frankenmuth. It was a very hot day and I was not looking forward to running through the heat like that, but being one of the most competitive people I know I had to force myself to run through it!

This race was especially crucial in getting top 3 because instead of the typical trophy or metal, they were given away custom made beer steins! and in the bottom of the stein was a little blue ticket which gave you lots and lots of beer to fill your stein up with! That helped give me a little push when racing toward the finish line! Lucky for me I got 2nd place even with my s___ time, (not my best performance...) So I enjoyed a day of beer drinking for free! See guys just another reason ya'll need to get into running, so much good comes from it! Oh ya! I also got one of our alternachicks, Chelsie Lee to run with me, running isn't her favorite thing in the world but she finished!