97.9 GRD is proud to bring back new music specialty program Ultrasound from its seven year hiatus. The show features tracks from the latest buzz bands that could very well end up being the next big thing.

Ultrasound was relaunched on June 30 featuring music from Frank Turner, New Politics, The Neighbourhood, Capital Cities and more. The show airs every Sunday morning at 9 hosted by me, Dave Kim. I'm excited to share my passion for new music with GRD listeners. This Sunday's show will include songs from Churchill, Biffy Clyro, Smallpools, Strange Talk and more.

If you have any suggestions on songs that Ultrasound should take a listen to, let us know on GRD's Facebook page, on Twitter @WGRD or in the comments section below. You can also tweet to me directly.

See you this Sunday at 9AM!

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