Hey everyone, I am pleased to announce that WGRD is hosting a free public 50 man Ventrilo server.  Come join me (Steve the web guy) and WGRD listeners for all sorts of gaming shenanigans.  We mainly play League of Legends, but you can use the servers for anything you want.  We just want WGRD listeners to hang out, play some games, and kick some random noobs ass.  Get all the info after the jump!

For those of you who don't know what Ventrilo is, it's a voice chat program used for gamers to communicate with one another.  Click the previous link to get all the details on the program.  Once you download it, you just enter in the information below and log on to the WGRD server.

Vent info:

Server:  chi.ventriloservers.biz
Port: 4402

A password is now needed due to a bunch of people overseas using the server and scaring away all the WGRD listeners.  To get the new server password, message me on Facebook.