Wayland's show at The Intersection was absolutely amazing last night, thanks to you, Grand Rapids!  You guys came to rock and completely sold out the show!  The guys in Wayland are so happy, and so are we here at GRD!

We got hang with the guys to bring you some fun behind the scenes stuff from the show, so you can see deeper in to the world of Wayland, and how hard they work to prepare for you guys!

First up, here's a tour of their home.  They're on the road 300 days a year, so this is really where they live!  Phil takes us on a guided tour of their bus, that they thank you guys for!

Next up, to make sure that you guys get the best show they can give, they never stop working to make sure they're on top of their game.  Even though they've played these songs hundreds of times, they still warm up before every show, and run through the harmonies, to make sure they sound great for you!

They worked all day in the Intersection to make sure the sound was good, the show looked amazing, and you'd totally get your money's worth when you walked through the doors.

They also hosted a VIP soundcheck party, and then after they show they spent the evening at the merch table, signing autographs for everyone that wanted one!

Great job, Wayland, and thank you, Grand Rapids, for partying with WGRD and Wayland!