Nasty weather before the holiday knocked our antenna askew requiring some repair.  Upon speaking with engineer Mike he said the "gazoonenplacken resistor exploded causing full meltdown of the hydro-capacitor causing extreme loss of giga watt atomic particles of biblical proportions those of which he's never quite seen before....or something like that.

Honestly, I don't remember the entire conversation because lets face it engineer-speak isn't real compelling cause they're always talking above normal intelligence.  I've learned to just nod my head a lot and pretend I'm listening.  An art form I have perfected with my wife years ago  - who also speaks in a higher art form (and sometimes in higher volumes) about feelings, caring and apparently much needed things like feeding and clothing our kids.

But I digress...

If you travel or live south of town you should be able to get back to cranking up the station again.  If you still have issue please take it up with Engineer Mike but I'm going to warn you.  He talks a lot like Geordi and Data on Star Trek Next Generation so if you're not a Trekkie Junkie - good luck!