Crazy hate group heads to Iraq to protest dangerous militant group? That should go well. To bring you up to speed: Last week, comedian Adam Hills went on awesome rant on his show The Last Leg about the dickheads at Westboro Baptist Church threatening to picket Robbin Williams' funeral.

And they kept on, goading Hills and posting pictures of the group picketing with their usual offensive and hateful signs. None of the pictures posted looked like they were taken in Iraq. But yet WBC included this message with them:

Ironically, we have picketed in Iraq before. Google it. #toldya

So I did google it. And guess what? The only mentions of WBC being in Iraq are their own claims. That's it. So while it's not out of the realm of possibility that the group went, it certainly wasn't well- publicized. Which is exactly WBC's thing: publicizing themselves and their hate-monger messages.  I'm pretty sure if they did go to Iraq, there'd be proof.

So Adam Hills tweeted back that he'd give a response on the next episode of The Last Leg. It aired last night:

Hills said they did look into flying the congregation to Iraq. But after consulting the US and UK goverments, decided it probably wouldn't be all that safe to send a group of "proffesional shit stirrers" into a war zone. After seeing the pictures and messages  WBC was tweeting, Hills had to ask himself if he wanted to be responsible for spreading that message of hate  across the world.

He opted instead to take the high road. He decided to donate all the money raised for the flights to a charity which Robbin Williams' supported: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Hills says he wanted to "spread love instead of hate" through the donation, which was made in Robin Williams' name.