Captain Joshua Munsee surprised his wife and kids at the Lions' game on Sunday, and brought even the most hardened football spectator to tears.

Munsee says that when he found out that he would be coming home, he contacted the Detroit Lions, and their staff started working on a plan for an elaborate surprise homecoming.

Sunday, Munsee’s wife Michelle and their three children were invited to watch the Lions play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Ford Field. The were invited under the ruse of being honored at the game as a military family.

The Munsee family stood on the field in front of over sixty thousand people and watched a video that Munsee had recorded in Afghanistan. That video was followed by one of Lions' quarterback Matthew Stafford who thanked Munsee for his service, and then,

At the end, Stafford quipped, "Oh, and one more thing Captain Munsee, welcome home."

Munsee then ran onto the field to hug his wife and kids while fans screamed, cheered, and wiped away tears.