So, this morning, I was reading about how there was a thread going on on Reddit about the creepiest things kids have ever said to their parents. So of course, I had to go through and read all of them to see what kind of weirdo stuff kids have said (I have a morbid curiosity, so sue me). Let me tell you, I had goosebumps several times reading the creepy weirdo crap that kids say to their parents. Check out my top 9 after the jump!

flickr, Vermin Inc

Lesson learned, parents. Don't tell your kids that you know what they're doing when they're at school!

flickr, Lotus Carroll

Kids are resorting to threads of violence to get junk food now? I'll never be a parent.

flickr, Hammonton Photography

He just has the decorating bug, mom... Geeze...

flickr, metimbers2000

Ummm... I have nothing to add here.

flickr, sahlgoode

May I suggest therapy?

flickr, Corrie...   

Just trying to be helpful, I guess.

flickr, tequilabird

And... now you have to burn your house down.

flickr, BrentOzar

Oh yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday.

flickr, qwrrty

I would take the kid's advice.

So mostly, I've learned that kids see dead people and recall past lives. I'm officially creeped out and will probably sleep with all of the lights on tonight... and for the rest of my life.

Kids have said some pretty creepy things. Check out the entire thread from Reddit here.