If you haven't heard by now, "Weird Al" Yankovic is promoting his new album, 'Mandatory Fun,' by releasing eight videos in eight days.

So far we've had parodies of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ ('Tacky’), Robin Thicke‘s ‘Blurred Lines (‘Word Crimes’), Lorde‘s ‘Royals’ (‘Foil’) and Iggy Azaela's 'Fancy' ('Handy').

Today's video, 'Sports Song,' is a Yankovic original that goes after your typical college football fight song. There's even a marching band to assist the singer as he boils it all down to "We're great, you suck."

Yankovic leads the marching band, and eventually a crowd full of fans, in a singalong cheer that pretty much sounds like every college football game fight song maxed to its most obnoxious point. You can watch the video above.

‘Mandatory Fun’ is available now at Amazon or iTunes.

The master parodist also took some time to chat about the album.

He also talked about Kurt Cobain in an interview with Loudwire posted on 97.9 WGRD.

Also, since some 97.9 WGRD Facebook fans asked, here's some Weird Al GIFs.