Skillet graced us with their talented selves a couple of weeks ago (June 20) to promote their brand new album, Rise. The band performed a couple of songs during a GRD Live Blitz for contest winners, which you can watch below.

Rise is the ninth studio album from Skillet. The Christian rockers played singles "Sick of It" and "Rise" from the new record. Listeners were up close and personal with Skillet while eating lunch provided by Grand Coney.

It was cool to hear these new songs stripped down for our GRD Live Blitz. Skillet fans were having a great time and showed their appreciation with gifts and stories about how the group's music had a positive impact on their lives. Watch the whole performance below. Rise is available in stores now.

Thanks to Grand Coney and Guitar Center for helping us make this happen.

Watch Skillet Perform "Sick of It" and "Rise"

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