RED were in Grand Rapids last month for a show at The Intersection. They were kind enough to play an acoustic Live Blitz for GRD contest winners in the front lounge before the concert. Watch RED perform "Faceless" and "Hymn for the Missing" as well as an interview with the Nashville rockers.

If you've been a fan of RED for awhile now, you know that their music videos can be pretty intense. Whether they're fighting evil overlords in a post-apocalyptic future in "Feed The Machine" or overcoming killer vines in "Already Over", the band comes up with all the concepts.

"We've kind of been the directors of all the videos we've done," says bassist Randy Armstrong. "We come up with the ideas and then try to get the label to pay for them."

Founding guitarist and primary songwriter Jasen Rauch left RED in 2009 to spend more time with his family. Rauch continued to contribute his songwriting skills for awhile after that, but the band decided not to find a permanent replacement. The loss of Rauch did not stop the band from continuing their success.

"We did a lot more writing on the road than we did for the first two records," states Armstrong. "It changed the dynamic of the live show, but we feel like it changed it in a better way. We've got more room to move around and we just got a really cool synergy going on between the four of us."

Watch the whole interview and two-song performance below.

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