This weekend's WGRD Pond Hockey Classic was a huge success, thanks not only to the sponsors, but also for all the teams and players that came out and rocked the ice in adverse conditions!

Check out this cool video from Brandon Webb, who not only filmed the hockey during the weekend, but did it while playing!

We were team KA-LAW (the rookie players sporting the Labatt Blue jerseys)

Brandon and the guys on the KA-LAW team had a great time, too:

This was our first year participating in the WGRD Pond Hockey Classic and we had an absolute riot. About half of our team has never played hockey competitively before this weekend. Many of us were literally stocking up on used-equipment days before the event, it was quite comical. The most unanticipated part of the weekend was the extreme wind and snow; we were blasted with snow so hard Friday that both teams had a difficult time locating the puck. I'm sure the snow also made it challenging to repair the ice at night, hence the humbling potholes. Like us, most of the teams we played are simply out to have a good time which really makes it a fun, highly recommended event.

The guys in the team have even taken a vote, and are definitely in for next year!

We took a vote Sunday as we were packing up our gear: KA-LAW will hit the ice again 2015! (perhaps with more practice and less beer)

Thanks for posting this, Brandon, this is awesome!  I gots ta git me a GoPro...