Today’s consumer, like Wireless Revolution, is on a mission. Their customers are constantly seeking the latest wireless devices and technology. They do not want their experience to be chaotic, expensive or difficult. Wireless Revolution believes that the customer rules.

Their well-versed staff provide services for anything from a basic flip phone to a smart device. They are dedicated to providing superior customer service, and will not stop until you are completely satisfied.  They make sure that you find the product that you want and that you know how to use it. It is their goal to make sure you know how to use the device, so you use your smart phone to its fullest.

  • Led by: Rick Dawdy
  • Why They’re Unique: Their employees are constantly trained. They offer the latest and most innovative wireless devices and listen to your wants and needs to deliver what you want. They truly are dedicated to superior customer service and will not stop until you are completely satisfied.
  • They Can Answer Questions Relating to: cell phone and tablet sales/service in West Michigan.

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Visit them: 2799 Clyde Park Ave, Wyoming, MI 49509 (Map)
Call them: 616-531-5500
Email them: rick.dawdy@wirelessrevolution.com
Visit their website: www.wirelessrevolution.com/michigan.html