All I can say is dude...........WTF!!!!! When I am not drinking mass amount of beer, and I am drinking 'Vault'. Now when I woke up from my massive night of video games and my final can of 'Vault,' I went to my nearest retailer and what did I find?!?!?!?

NOTHING! I FOUND NOTHING! I knew that it was slowly on its way out, but I never wanted to consider it a reality. When I walked to the 'pop aisle' and saw the sticker replaced with this OTHER POP! It was utter was like Mario dieing on the first Goomba, Dom killing Marcus, Link drowning Zelda, Texas Ranger beating the Tigers (too soon?).....yea....suck

Yea I know, it's only a soft drink.....whatever right? No man....if you grew up in the 90's, you know of SURGE! SURGE was amazing, it defined my sugar intake as a kid, and endless nights of Super Nintendo gaming. That's what I felt again, when 'Vault' arrived! Now the fun is over.....

Pretty sure I can find it, in very random a fountain or something......but it will soon be gone.....I guess I best take what I can get.

LONG LIVE VAULT AND SURGE! And massive classic gaming all-nighters!