The good thing about never stops and never dies. the 2012 concert series just keeps getting better and better. Freshly announced...the TRESPASS AMERICA TOUR will feature metal juggernauts Killswitch Engage, Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, and more! Guess what...It's hitting BATTLE CREEK, MI!

The tour will also feature God Forbid, Emmure, Battlecross, and Grand Rapids hometowners POP EVIL!

Zoltan Bathory who orgazined the tour had this to say:

“Heavy music wants its place back in the limelight, so get ready, because we are coming, and we are coming in numbers. When you walk through the Trespass America gate, you will be in a different territory, a new environment. You’re not just coming to see a band.  It’s going to be a traveling circus that has all the attraction and excitement that creates an experience.  We wanted to build the biggest stage we could and make this festival as visually unforgettable … We want to make Trespass America a theme-park-thrill-ride for metalheads.”

This INSANE tour will hit Battle Creek, MI at the Kellogg Arena on August 3rd.

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