Never trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die... because that crap just ain't right.  Guys, we all know to steer clear of chicks that are on the rag.  With good reason too, they are all cranky, bloated, and just generally not fun to be around.  Well, now their is a way to keep track of when your female friends mutate into their evil succubus form.

Thank God for, is all I got to say!  You can track your girlfriend, wife, mother, or any other woman's period.  You can get notifications on your phone when the woman you are tracking starts her menstrual cycle.  So next time you have to work on a project with Jill you can be sure that the minute she starts PMS'ing  you will be alerted.

And ladies, don't think this is just for men.  You can let your co-workers know when you are going to start menstruating by signing yourself up.  So don't be a jerk, let your friends know when you are going to be cranky ;)