According to the Star Tribune a Zamboni driver working periods between a pee wee hockey game became so intoxicated he ended up slamming into the boards and driving all over the ice erratically. Dude must of been REALLY messed up if fans of the game are calling the cops on him. But just how dangerous could it be to get all juiced up and drive a Zamboni? Not sure if all the Zamboni drivers in my list of vids are drunk but something isn't right. Enjoy!

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    Zamboni Blood

    At first it appears the Zamboni may have run over a hockey player and is simply spreading the players blood evenly over the ice. Then I thought it was Pizza sauce (as the Zamboni is sponsored by Pizza Hut) now, I'm not so sure. You watch and try & figure it out.

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    Zamboni Rookie

    Obviously this was his first day on the job as a Zamboni driver cause he never grasps the concept on how simple the Zamboni was designed to do it's job. On a positive note, bet this guy is a helluva parallel parker.

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    Runaway Zamboni

    Well you don't see this traveling down 131 or 96. Apparently somebody needs to direct this guy back to the ice rink.

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    Zamboni Falls Off Truck

    Don't ya just hate it when you finally purchase your brand new Zamboni and you eagerly begin to drive it off the back of the truck when you realized you you forgot to attach the ramps? Sucks doesn't it.

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    Zamboni vs Train

    Watch as locomotive hurls toward the trapped Zamboni wrecking absolute hell upon it's helpless victim - a disaster of biblical proportions. Alas, fear not, as the Zamboni does reap it's revenge during the menacing trains second passing...oh the humanity!