Everyone has their taste in music, but me personally, Heavy Metal is the genre that defines who I am! If you don't understand Heavy Metal and think it's all just screaming and hate....well think again...here is Top 5 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Brutally Awesome!

  • 1

    Pure Energy, Adrenaline, and METAL!

    Headbanging, Moshing, Air Guitar, whatever....metal is pure energy and show. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a metal show. The friendships, the drinks, the volume, the energy....with metal...you are guaranteed pure chaos! Metal creates 'Legends' not 'One Hit Wonders.' This is what defines metal!

  • 2

    We Are Angry, and We Don't Give a @&!*

    Not all of us metal heads are angry, but we are tired of the bullcrap...and with metal...we don't care about 'bouncin' in the club' or 'if we had a bad romance,' we just want to rock and have a good time. Forgetting about the problems of the world and just kick some ass in 'The Pit.'

  • 3

    Metal has a God....and his Name is Lemmy (Motorhead)

    Why is Lemmy the 'God of Metal?' Look at him! He defines metal in attitude and look. He turned down a nomination to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame because they lost his jacket! He drinks Jack and Coke, he has the loudest band I have ever seen, and when your riding your Harley...your listening to Motorhead. Lemmy is just one bad ass dude.

  • 4

    Heavy Metal Woman

    From the words of me (a dude...) Metal has the best looking woman in music. They don't need to be made up with injections and plastic surgery, they look good the way they are. Just like everyone should be proud of, they way they naturally look. Thus, why metal has some nice lookin' ladies! Again, in Metal....we don't give a @$!*

  • 5

    Metal Festivals

    Do you ever see constant pop music festivals? I didn't think so....metal has some of the most amazing metal festivals. Sometimes well over 10 festivals in one year! Metal is always there for you, anywhere you want to be.