Say that you were to combine the insanity and creativity of video games, with the brutal world of metal, you would get some pretty awesome characters out of that. While browsing through some video game icons I figured it would be unique to create a list of the Top 5 Video Game characters that you would see ripping your face off.

  • 1

    Kratos (God of War)

    How could you not post this GOD on top? After playing just a little bit through the game, the voice of this guy could shake the world. On top of that, Kratos will tear you a new one, eat it, spit it out, and slice it in half with the Blades of Olympus. Kratos doesn't care, he will do anything to get what he want and spill as much blood as he can to reach his goal. Even if his enemies are the size of a mountain, Kratos doesn't care! He will crawl on them like a tiny ant, go up to their eye and rip the thing out! Size doesn't matter to Kratos. To even back up that Kratos is metal, Waylon Reavis of Mushroomhead has Kratos tattooed on his arm, and dedicated his stage makeup to Kratos even! The dude is larger than life, and he will not hesitate to decapitate you....and that is metal.

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    Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)

    Rick Taylor....all he want's is his chick back. After the Evil Dr. Henry West stole his lady Jenny, Rick placed the 'Terror Mask' upon his face and became a freakin' monster of a dude. Even before he became a crazy man, he was sporting a heavy metal t-shirt even. He could perform 'Splattermoves' where Rick could rip the torso off of his enemies, beat his enemies with there own head, and even squeeze their head so hard that it would explode. Even in the newest game of Splatterhouse, it has a soundtrack that features Goatwhore, Five Finger Death Punch, and even Mastodon! That's pretty metal.

  • 3

    Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend)

    Eddie is a roadie, he will do anything for the band. Dedicated to the world of metal and even get's assistance from metal legends like Ozzy, Lemmy, Lita Ford, and Rob Halford! Voiced by the one and only Jack Black, Eddie Riggs is coated in leather and spikes, making him the most stylish of the metal game characters. Plus his attacks even prompt him to rip out his guitar and jam, killing his enemies.

    EA Games
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    Duke Nukem

    The definition of Duke Nukem is.......MAN! Carrying sometimes over 8 different types of weapons, Duke Nukem will tear you a new a-hole, and won't look back. Many heroes in games today are full of sadness, regret, and are out to prove something to the world. What is Duke out to prove? That he has a bigger....well....than anyone in the world. Why does Duke do what he does? To get chicks....plain and simple. He even kills the final boss of the game, kicks his eye out into a field goal and then pulls down his pants and does a No.2 in his enemies eye. How metal is that?

    3D Realms
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    Dante (Devil May Cry)

    Dante may be a stylish dude and stuff, but I still consider this man pretty heavy metal. Why is he considered heavy metal? Attitude! He will of course destroy you, but then say one awesome "one liner" to finish you off with. Even when he attacks his enemies, his combos are considered 'Awesome' in the game! Plus that red trench coat is pretty sweet.