Helicopter crashes are wild. One minute the copter looks fine hovering away without a care in the world. Then suddenly, the little whirly bird is spinning out of control and like a dizzying carnival ride (complete with grounds crew scrambling to get out of the way) the discombobulated uncertain dervish-like monster splays itself all over the ground. In the words of Governor Schwarzeneggar "Get to the choppa... GET OUT OF THE CHOPPA!"

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    Hang on!!!!

    A SH-3 helicopter makes a smash landing on the stern of a destroyer ship before falling into the water. Unbelievably, the 7 aboard aren't killed or seriously injured. Thats not all either, this 6.4 Million Dollar crash nearly sheers a stack of missiles on it's way overboard!

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    O' Christmas Treeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    According to the guy with all this high-tec video gear they were erecting a seven story high structure to be used as a Christmas tree when the helicopters rotor struck a cable causing the aircraft to crash to the ground. The Pilot was helped from the crumpled wreckage with minor injuries. Watching this in High Def makes me jump every time. See if does it to you.

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    This Dumba__ Needs Some Flying Lessons

    So the the story goes that that this dude wouldn't wait for the instructor to turn up, and he forgot (or didn't know) to take the control locks off. He was told NOT to fly it but did anyway. The results? Well, they are spectacular for us. Fortunately the idiots pride is hurt worse than he is.

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    Um...Who Didn't Shut The Hangar Door?

    During take-off, the main rotor of this Helo comes into contact with open hangar door, causing the helicopter to fall. The violent impact with the ground caused the skids to collapse and the main rotor to sever the tail boom. Among the 4 people onboard, one received minor injuries, and 3 were uninjured. Whew! Next time somebody close the damn door.

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    Anybody Want To Take A Dip?

    A Working on Fire helicopter crashes into a quarry after the engine fails. Looks like everybody was okay as you can see crew members piling out at the end of the vid. It goes without saying that each of them had to immediately change their pants.