The recent Schwartz vs Harbaugh MMA, I mean coaches brawl isn't the only instance of coaching meltdowns. Actually it compares kind of mild compared to some that I've discovered recently. Sit back, relax and enjoy my top 5 coaching meltdowns most of which you'll find quite amusing.

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    First up: Huskies coach Jim Calhoun. Soon after a reporter brings up a "Mo' Money" question he begins with mild threats like:"Shut up" and "lets go outside" then it gets good. I think "Get some facts and then come and see me" is gonna be my new mantra.

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    Possibly the best post game rant by a coach ever. Coach Hal McRae of the Kansas City Royals goes nuts during a post game conference in 1993 after being asked a stupid question. Microphones fly, tape recorders fly and telephones fly. I'm starting to think the coach has a problem with technology. Oh well, it's great stuff.

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    Jim Playfair, coach of the Abbotsford Heat, disagrees with a ref's call on the ice and well....sadly, hockey sticks pay the ultimate price. WARNING: Hockey sticks are hurt during the filming of this video!

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    One of my favorite coaching meltdowns. Minor league Braves Manager Phil Wellman goes nuts and draws super huge strike zones in the dirt,throws bases and even launches a grenade at the home plate Ump. Well, it's a rosin bag, but still he looks like he's having a good time playing army man.

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    South Georgia Peanuts manager Wally Backman is never short on words and I don't mean regular every day vernacular. I speak of course about the use of the "F" word. BE WARNED: Lots of usage of the "F" word loudly and abundantly. You rock Wally.