Rage Against the Machine fans who are hoping for a new album will be disappointed to know that the band do not have any plans for new material, at least according to guitarist Tom Morello. The only agenda on the docket for Rage this year is an appearance at the L.A. Rising festival in Los Angeles July 30.

Morello told The Pulse of Radio (via BLABBERMOUTH) that the band members are getting along well but have no definitive plans outside L.A. Rising.

"Right now there are no... You know, the band is not writing songs, the band is not in the studio," he said. "We get along famously and we all, you know, intend to do more Rage Against The Machine stuff in the future, but beyond sort of working out a concert this year, there's nothing else on the schedule."

Rage broke up in 2000, shortly after releasing the album Renegades. The band reunited in 2007 to play a few shows. Morello has been busy with his solo material, with plans to release a digital EP called Union Town on May 17 and an album under his Nightwatchman moniker later this summer.

Are you bummed that there isn't a new Rage Against The Machine album coming out or are they better off just doing occasional gigs?

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