Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello is bringing the Occupy Movement to SXSW in Austin, TX tomorrow night (March 16). The guitarist is teaming up with Occupy Austin for an official showcase at the long-running festival.

According to Rolling Stone, Morello initiated contact with Occupy Austin to raise awareness for the 99% during the music portion of SXSW. With the event gaining so many sponsors throughout the years, the former Audioslave axeman wanted to make sure focus was given to a worthy cause.

"SXSW has a lot of specialty shows – record companies, vodka companies, promoters and things like that," Morello says. "I thought it was important that at a music gathering of that size, to have a place where the rebels, revolutionaries, rockers, rappers and the 99 percent could gather and have a mighty SXSW throw down."

The event will take place at the Swan Dive in Austin, TX. Aside from the concert, there are plans to do a flash mob dance party inside the venue. Space may be limited, but that's not stopping the potential size of the gathering.

"Their intention is to have this flash mob dance party that's going to arrive at the venue," Morello explains. "Due to the fact that it's an official SXSW show, a lot of the space inside is reserved for badge holders, but there will certainly be a healthy Occupy presence in the venue, and also a contingent outside the venue. I promise you, they will all be served musically."

Morello will headline the showcase with his current band, the Freedom Fighter Orchestra, while Wayne Kramer and friends will take the stage in support of Jail Guitar Doors. The agency is a non-profit group that delivers instruments to prisons to help with the rehabilitation process.