(Photo: Metalhead Ned)

Sega Genesis was always considered the 'big boys' gaming console back in the 90's. With it's sleek black look, shiny exterior, and balls to wall games...Super Nintendo was just a babies toy (I beg to differ...) I was fortunate to own both of these game consoles growing up, but played my SNES more. There was a game I played quite a bit on Sega though, and that was the strange game known as ToeJam & Earl.

In ToeJam & Earl, you can play either co-op or single player. However, it's a lot more fun when you play with a friend. You pick your character as either space alien named ToeJam or Earl. These guys are two funky dudes, and when I say funky...I mean....FUNNNNKAY! These two aliens like to get down and dance with the funk. It's so funky, I wouldn't be surprised if George Clinton showed up!

The music, the layout, the gameplay at first is kind of boring. It plays a little slow, but once you get into it...this game is awesome. You ship crash landed on Earth, and you are out to find the pieces of your ship to get back to your home world. Collect presents for awesome power ups like Super Hi-Top Shoes, Rocket Shoes, Icarus Wings, and strange items. Pretty simple concept, but it's the characters in the game that really make this a ride. Just look at the list of enemies!

Cupids, Chickens with Tomato Bazookas, Hula Dancers, Santa Clause with  a Jetpack, Boogie Man, Dogs inside Hamster Balls, Living Mail Boxes, and the list goes on.

Who on Earth came up with such a crazy amount of characters!? These things are quite imaginative, and sadly, you don't see to much of this kind of thing anymore.

The last time I played this game, I was an RA (Resident Advisor) in college. It was a boring job that required that I sit in my room for what seemed like and endless amount of time. Encouraging my friends to come over was difficult cause I lived on the other side of campus, but I had a couple guys named Brent and Brian that came over. We looked at my Wii Virtual Console games I downloaded and saw that I had ToeJam & Earl downloaded. Brian and I decided that maybe we should play this game. We were hooked! Pretty much every night, they would come over and play ToeJam & Earl.

It is not an easy game, and is quite challenging. We had a blast playing it though, and is one of my favorite college memories. We didn't need beer (for once...) to have fun in college, just friends, pizza (courtesy of Brent mostly \m/), and some classic Sega Genesis.