Babies serve very few purposes. They crap in their pants and have no ability to clean themselves. They can't feed themselves. They have absolutely no disposable income to help with bills. What they can do though is provide backup during a parent's drug deal.

28 year old Shayla Sutherland took 2 friends and loaded 2 children into the minivan to rock out  a drug deal in the parking lot of a Cobb County Georgia Rite Aid. While the exchange was taking place... a 3 year old in the van must've sensed some funny business.

The toddler grabbed the shotgun and discharged the weapon through the roof of the vehicle. Nobody was hurt, but the loud blast prompted a passerby to call the police. Sutherland grabbed the kids and fled the scene, while her cohort--Leah Louise Porter took off in the van.

Police caught up to everyone involved and they face a myriad of charges, from the attempted sale of illicit prescription drugs to fleeing a crime scene. Child protective services is looking into the case. The good news is that if the baby goes to jail, at least it's hardcore enough to defend it's fruit-cup.

[Via: AJC]