Monday, February 14, 2011

Hour 1

Free Beer started this morning by talking about how he gave a tour to some extended family and the highlight for the children was Zane's sound effect machine. Turns out, there may be some stuff not appropriate for children. The whole family went to the monster truck rally, like good families do. We discussed the story of actor Stephen Toblowsky, who had some weird, amazing luck with injuries and health. Good or bad, you decide.

Hour 2

We talked about the crazy new speeds at Daytona and how this weekend is the upcoming 10th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death. There is a video going around the internet today with a Los Angeles news reporter covering the Grammys after the event. She apparently forgot how to speak. Some people think she had a stroke. The video is up on the Videos page on the website for you to decide. We compared her vocal pattern to that of the legendary tono-tono guy. There is a video going around today on the internet of a mall food court proposal. The guy made elaborate plans and the girl stormed off. We debated whether or not it is real. See that in the video reel.

Hour 3

The Grammys were last night and we talked about the weird apparel by some, including Lady Gaga. Free Beer watched her 60 Minutes interview from last night before the Grammys and couldn't believe her fans dedication. Andy Rooney's commentary from 60 Minutes last night took aim of The King's Speech. In it, he imitated the stutter from the film. He sounded pretty fantastic. This led Free Beer to take a trip down memory lane and talk about a kid in his school with a speech impediment. We had to talk again about the news reporter from Los Angeles who had a severe case of verbal diarrhea

Hour 4

Zane unveiled his latest costume from his weekend running club. In order to make things light hearted, he dresses in themes. This week, the costume shop appeared a tad off on their representation for Valentine's Day. We played a phone call from a guy in an Alabama hospital who was having a heart attack. He didn't want to hang up and got to talk to the host. Death wish? There is a story going around about a high school baseball pitcher who was pretty good who was cut from the high school team. He claims it is because he has two prosthetic legs. The team claims he cannot field a bunt correctly.

Hour 5

After the call from listener Chad last segment, we discussed some of his career highlights. He is now the most famous person to ever listen to our show. We talked a little more about the Grammys last night and Zane's love of Lady Gaga's new song. It sounds eerily similar to Madonna from the 80s. We played audio from a lot of the performances from last night. We wrapped up a lot of loose ends by comparing Lady Antebellum's Grammy winning song to one by the Alan Parsons Project from the 1970s. They claim Lady Antebellum stole it. More importantly, who is the Alan Parsons Project? Because it is so incredible, we had to play the audio of the reporter who forgot how to talk after the Grammys...again. We finished out the show by talking about the 60 Minutes update on the 33 Chilean miners. As is expected, it turns out not everything is hunky dory and some of them are a bit messed up in the head. See ya Tuesday!