We started the show by once again talking about how the end of the world is supposedly coming on May 21st. There's a group of people affiliated with Family Life Radio driving around the country in a caravan of RV's, warning people of "the end". As a follow-up on a conversation that we had early on the show yesterday, a listener sent us a photograph from the Hubble telescope that zoomed in on the dark space in the night sky. It revealed about 3,000 other solar systems! Minds blown.

Hour 2

We're going to be doing the show live from Nashville at the studios of 102.9 The Buzz in a few weeks. Zane will eb holding a pull-up contest and will be challenging people to take him on. He will definitely be lubed up with his nipple lube and sodomy oil. Free Beer told us about a new HBO series about a motley group of con men and magicians who use their skills to battle...Hitler? They say that it could be based on a true story, depending on who you talk to. Free Beer told us about a new brand of basketball shoes: Lebron Jordan. Surprisingly, Lebron James and Michael Jordan have an issue with this so they probably won't be around that long. Today is Ash Wednesday and Zane hasn't come up with something to give up for Lent yet. Joe and Steve, as well as some listeners, gave him a few suggestions.

Hour 3

Vanity Fair posted a form on their website that you could fill out and do a Charlie Sheen Mad Lib! We got some help from listeners and came up with a fantastic one on the show this morning. A woman came home and found a guy taking a shower in her bathroom and had no clue who he was, so she called 911 on him. The guy, who was obviously screwed up in the head, also called 911 on himself and ratted himself out for breaking in to the place! You can hear the calls in the Video Reel. We went over a list of stupid diet ideas that supposedly help people lose weight. One of the items was "weight loss sunglasses", so you know that the list was complete BS.

Hour 4

One of our favorite cereals from our childhood, Cap'n Crunch, is in jeopardy! Apparently, sales are down so the parent company has decided to stop marketing it! We picked up a box and had some during the break for old time's sake. Still delicious! While talking about this, we asked for listeners to call in with the poverty cereals that they ate when they were kids. The grandson of the cereal box character King Vitaman called in! We mocked that cereal, and how his grandpa looked like a pedophile. During today's FBHW Report, we played the audio of former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson proving he was old and also talked about Tiki Barber's possible plans to come back to the NFL. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $2,800 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

We talked about a story that we saw this morning where a high school student saw his teacher in a porno! We took a bunch of calls from people that, surprisingly, had similar stories! We had so much fun with the Charlie Sheen Mad Libs earlier in the show, we decided to play another round. The second time around, however, it appeared to be the extra stupid edition. You can play your own game by clicking on the link in the Cool Links section. We closed the show by finally getting to that list of five personality traits that scientists say will be cured in our lifetime. We're off Thursday and Friday, but best-of shows will air. Talk to you on Monday!