Hour 1

We opened the show talking about Wiener 2 filling in for Steve and the sadness that he still gets labeled Wiener 2. We played a round of "Guess who got a clothing line?" With the least likely answer in history. We talked about the list of Forbes top television earners. No surprises at the top of this list.

Hour 2

We got a quick update on Monchichi's thrown together paper he wrote while screening calls last week. Looks like it will all come to fruition next week. Zane made everyone on the show cry this morning with a tale about his dad not even allowing him to say happy birthday over the phone because replacement family had other things going on. We had a list of things two different convicts decided to hide inside their own bodies before serving their jail sentence. The list is quite extensive and impressive. There was an update on the crazy viral Friday song today. Millions of views later, she is going to record an acoustic version to see if she can really sing. There is also apparently 3 million covers of the song, too.

Hour 3

There is a list of things British people believe are true which makes them seem really stupid. On the list: hotel on the moon. Yeah, that's right around the corner. We finally got the General Manager from Portland, Maine on the phone to hash out the beef Zane fostered with him yesterday. This was after Wiener 2 tried to sabotage that connection and Joe nearly gave it the finishing blow. Based on a weird news headline, we took calls about odd injury headlines and then would decide if we wanted to hear the full story.

Hour 4

There is a news story about a couple who found and used a 123 year old loophole to get a house for dirt cheap. It is up to you to decide if you love them or hate them. We got one of the people on the phone and he gave his side of the story. He was very exciting to listen to. Jimmy Fallon had Tiger Woods on for his first interview on late night since his cheating debacle. It went....awkwardly. We brought back the world famous Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Women's forum for another go.

Hour 5

During Zane's family phone call circuit, there was a lot of trouble regarding what is appropriate flip flop weather. Lucky for us, Zane got to record the call and we tried to decipher his crying daughter. We had to replay the audio from earlier where the entire show cried during Zane's father's birthday discussion. It was still just as sad. We closed with the worst edition of Name That Blank ever. Have a good weekend and we'll talk to ya Monday!