Hour 1

We started the morning by going over a list of the things on planes that contain the most germs. Ice, Sky Mall magazine, water and bathrooms topped the list. A basketball streak finally came to an end last night after more than 20 years. The Cal Tech basketball team had not won a game since the mid 80's and finally did so last night! We questioned why a school like that even bothered to have sports teams at all.

Hour 2

While trying to give an update on a story we talked about earlier in the week about Cam Newton, we were somehow sidetracked into Tree Talk with Hot Wings. We learned that he has transplanted many a tree in his day and he explained to us what the "taproot" of a tree was. Unfortunately, his details weren't quite up to snuff and a listener called him out on it. Tree debate raged on! Check out the Video Reel for the video of Arnold Schwarzenegger's strange weight lifting comparison from the 1970's. We found it pretty funny considering, in hindsight, he was the Governor of California. During a break today, we talked about the two grossest stories ever. In the first one, a postal worker spit feces in the face of a cop. In the second, a dentist was arrested for injecting batch in to his patient's mouths.

Hour 3

Producer Joe told us this morning that his friend Ryan got a dead rabbit from a friend so he could skin it and, presumably, eat it. He had never done this before and was doing so on his back patio. While bloody and fist-deep in the carcass, a meter reader came around the corner to read the meter and was pretty freaked out. Based on this, we took calls from people about the redneck things that they have done. We watched the video of a crazy woman that went on a rampage at a towing place because she felt like she was being charged too much for the tow. You can see that story in the Video Reel.

Hour 4

We played a clip from a recent Wheel of Fortune show where contestants couldn't figure out the puzzle, even though they had nearly all of the letters. Pat Sajak tried to prove how smart he was, but failed and gave the complete wrong information. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about Piers Morgan's interview with Larry King, as well as how Lindsay Lohan was back in court yesterday. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, which gave birth to Hot Wings new nickname "Bit Killer".

Hour 5

We managed to get the reporter on the phone from the story we talked about earlier where an enraged woman trashed a towing place because her bill was too high. It was during this bit that Zane had a big fail when he couldn't follow along with the simple story that we had just talked about on the air. During the commercial break, we noticed that one of our coworkers had left his Facebook page logged in on the studio computer. This led to a good amount of hijacking of his page that included suggestions from listeners. Talk to you on Friday!