Hour 1

Zane started off the show telling us how girls basketball has started up again. Of course that led to screaming parents. Hugh Hefner was profiled in the NY Times talking about staying with his current wife. No one cares though. The flashback was five things found in fat folds.

Hour 2

Mustache updates were discussed along with other terrible mustaches. We discussed the awesomeness of the iPhone controlled mini fridge beer launcher and made fun of Steve for being "ugly and boring". The hour was rounded off with us discussing terrible phone calls.

Hour 3

In Florida they've come up with a plan to fix the education system. They will now be issuing grades to parents based on their parenting skills. In England, there was a jewelry robbery that was broken up by an old lady attacking with her purse. We interviewed Michael Chiklis at the end of the hour.

Hour 4

We had an update on the sperm yogurt; it was crazy. Stroh's load was discussed. In the FBHW Report a 17 year old girl reached out to Deadspin about her relationship with Mark Sanchez and Steven Segal claims to have invented the kick. We replayed the Dude Shadoway interview with Steven Segal at the end.

Hour 5

An asteroid will hit the earth in 2036. We're all doomed or so some think. Found out that Zane can't do math; Hot Wings either. Free Beer purchased the new Catholic Church app for the iPhone and Zane did confessional on-air. The most polite robber ever was talked about too.