Free Beer started the morning telling us about his rough start to the day. His alarm went off and woke him up in the middle of a sportscaster dream and his hand was also asleep. Turning off the alarm clock was a bit of a problem. We talked about the BYU student that was kicked off the basketball team because he had premarital sex. People are saying that it's unfair, but we pointed out that he knew the rules going in so he didn't have much of a case. We even got a Mormon on the phone to comment on the topic!

Hour 2

Mustache shave day finally arrived today. Joe talked early about his plans for his mustache masterpiece that he will be gluing to Zane's face. A listener in Maine called in during CWTTAB so he could set the record straight about the state and their governor. Apparently, he has made a bunch of really stupid comments lately. A listener sent us a link to a story about a flyer that is posted at Skidmore College in New York. It's called the Restroom Reader and gives tips on masturbation. We talked to a group of witches and warlocks this morning who were really pissed off because of Charlie Sheen's recent comment that he is a warlock. This was easily the most confusing, chaotic interview in show history.

Hour 3

We went over a list of the most paused moments in movie history. It won't be a surprise at all when you see what number one was. You can see that in Cool Links. Check out the Video Reel for the video of a guy in 1993 making what is, in hindsight, the worst observation in internet history. He was convinced that the internet was a utopia where everyone was nice and no one hated each other. We closed the hour with the 10 worst excuses for being late to work and took some listener calls with their submissions.

Hour 4

We talked about a guy that had an ingenious plan and actually got away with stealing a ton of money off a flight he was on. He basically took the bathroom apart and crawled down in to the cargo area where he stole $238,000! During the FBHW Report, we played the audio of Paula Abdul's 911 call and also talked about the My Strange Addiction casting call in LA. We ended the hour with the shaving of the mustaches, which were then glued to Zane's face for his stunt today.

Hour 5

After the hair was generously applied to Zane's face by Producer Joe, he headed out to the bus stop to see if people wanted mustache rides for the bargain price of five cents. Surprisingly, there weren't many takers. We closed today's show with a round of Name That Blank. Talk to you Monday morning!