Friday, February 11, 2011

Hour 1

Zane became frustrated with his insurance agency yesterday and Free Beer dealt with the same hassles while talking to Microsoft operators. Customer service hassles were discussed. Because of the fetish talk yesterday, we had 7 bizarre sexual fetishes from the and while discussing the upcoming flashback involving Kiss' new album, we made fun of how terrible their music is.

Hour 2

Joe watched the Reagan documentary on HBO and shared info from that. Zane parked on how Joe seemed to 'drink the soup' about all the stuff Reagan had done during his presidency. Of course we talked about the mustaches and how Zane hates his. It is still messing up his world. Zane is pissed that his wife wasn't interested in checking out the webcam last night. After talking her into it last night she, this morning, told him once again that she didn't have time. He vented about her not listening. Once he got into the rant and thought that now his wife might be watching he directed his rage directly into the camera.

Hour 3

Zane is so put in his place by Kevin the emailer and many emails about Zane wanting to be the center of attention came in from his venting about his wife. We played a few Jeffrey Ross roast clips for an upcoming interview and a TV station had a Harry Baals news story with the gayest black news reporter. We finished off the hour with our Jeffrey Ross interview

Hour 4

Some crazy eight year old kid spent 1400 dollars on the iPhone game: Smurf Village. Listeners called in with their crazy phone/bill stories. In the FBHW Report Christopher Lee's would-be lover interview audio was played. She claims she didn't want this attention but it is quite obvious she does. We revisited Harry Baals audio again just because the reporter has the craziest voice ever

Hour 5

At the start of the end of the day, we replayed the interview with Stefaan Engels the Marathon man. 400 fans that were screwed by the NFL during the super bowl were offered two tickets to any super bowl in the future and airfare to where it will be; an all paid expense. This wasn't good enough and there is now a class action lawsuit. Name that Blank was played at the end of the day and we ended it with what we all learned. At 10, we talked about the newest band to bring in food, Circus Asylum: Featuring "The Gay Brothers"