Hour 1

Zane brought in a Cover Girl magazine ad that featured Ellen Degeneres. He believes that she is the wrong person for it because she, according to him, looks like a man. Everyone pretty much disagreed with him except Jim in Albany, AKA the most intelligent caller ever. Charlie Sheen has announced that he would be on board for a new Major League movie that is supposedly already written. He is pissed, however, that Corbin Bernsen isn't included in the script.

Hour 2

Zane told us this morning that he watched the Jim Norton HBO special. While extremely funny, he said that he felt pretty filthy after watching it. Former intern Andy 2 Times called in during CWTTAB to tell us that he has accepted a job and is headed out to Temecula, California for a marketing job. We had a bunch of stories this morning from the Daytona trip this past weekend. Hot Wings told us how he and Joe were approached on the street and asked if they were interested in buying cocaine. While talking about the trip, we were reminded of the prank we pulled on Zane last year when he thought that he had to host best-of while we were away.

Hour 3

Once again, Cat Footwear hooked us up at the race in Daytona. We got to wear "hot passes", which basically gave us access to just about anything we wanted at the race. After the race was done, we jumped the wall and walked down pit road. Steve, with his mustache and cowboy hat, was kicked out of the Fox Sports television shot just before it went live. Zane told us about his experience while at a department store, trying on a pair of pants. The doors did not lock and some kid came busting through the door while he was nearly nude! When told about the incident, a store employee could not have cared less. We talked about whether or not it was legal to have cameras in dressing rooms or not and took a bunch of calls on the topic. A TSA report showed that an undercover agent passed through the full body scanner 4 times with a gun stuffed in their pants. The people watching were not fired and it doesn't look like they will be. Our flights down to Daytona were a bit rough because of heavy winds. On the first flight, we took such a steep banked turn that we were convinced that we were going to do a barrel roll. Of course, this brought up the topic of whether or not that is possible in a commercial airplane.

Hour 4

Producer Joe had a bit of an awkward encounter with someone while at the race in Daytona. A woman in the RV next to ours recognized him from last year, but did so and announced it in a very insulting way. In the first FBHW Report, we gave updates on Ted Williams and the crazy Alabama fan that poisoned Auburn's trees. We closed the hour by talking about the video of the kids fighting with roman candles that is in the Video Reel. We took calls about the stupid things that you used to fight with as kids.

Hour 5

We talked about a story in which a Dominoes Pizza delivery driver saved a woman's life. The old woman, who ordered pizza every day, had fallen down and couldn't get up for a couple of days. The delivery driver went over to her house and found her on the ground. In the second FBHW Report, we talked about the pirates that killed the US citizens, the guy who jumped the Today Show barrier, as well as the Vanderbilt mascot that punched a fan in the face. We closed the show by talking about how a friend of the show was eating at a fast food restaurant when she witnessed a couple of word-spreaders going up to a group of autistic kids and telling them that their parents were going to go to hell. We asked if you would have intervened in that situation or not. Talk to you on Thursday!