Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hour 1

At the start of the show, we found out that it costs us as citizens of the United States for the Superbowl to have a flyover. Zane told us that girls basketball has become more crazy than his sons hockey league. For the flashback we revisited the Joe and Ben Show and their beef with Kelly Osbourne.

Hour 2

Apparently, Steve sent Zane a text that caused Zane to get super pissed. He is over it now but the guys brought up how Steve isn't good at text/email sarcasm. They shared stories of his hiring process as examples. Free Beer was set up by Zane to have an awkward interaction with someone they work with. Free Beer tried to get away but couldn't prevail. Zane couldn't get his running boner down enough when the guys talked to Stefaan Engels; the guy who ran 365 marathons in 365 days.

Hour 3

We discussed the 15 Potentially Fatal Sexual Fetishes and that took a bit of time. Some of them were quite disgusting but if you want, you can find the link in the Cool Links section. Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm joined us at the end of the hour and we talked to him for a bit.

Hour 4

Congressman Chris Lee is in trouble for being to stupid to change his Gmail account from his actual name while looking for chicks on Craigslist. In the FBHW Report Charlie Sheen came up again but not for some crazy bender, but because we was kind of willing to pay some salaries for people who work on the show. And Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas had some very 'glass half full' explanations for the half-time show terribleness. And the hour ended with Dumber Than Zane. It was a great game!

Hour 5

Congresswoman Julia Hurley is in some kind of trouble because of how she posed for Hooters back in the day. There really isn't anything bad but we all know how politics can be. The day ended with the top 10 Sexiest Songs from yesterday but really, they sucked; every single one of them. Locally we talked about the little bit of Lions hope we have, the new casino opening in Wayland and the upcoming Lose Lose Local Music Reviews