Sure I'm super excited about the game on Sunday but I pretty much tapped myself out and I'm now on Super info meltdown. I've already wasted countless hours at work looking up stats to make sure my bets are a lock, read all the stories and blogs about all the human interest side stories like brother vs brother etc...  Heck, I've even viewed countless videos of lame super commercials before they even show up during the game.. Quite frankly I'm on 'Super Hype' overload and need a break.

Enter the world of Lingerie Football.  For many the sport isn't taken seriously but c'mon...  I mean seriously, who wouldn't love a sport where females wear lingerie and knee pads...  Wait, I should rephrase that...  Who wouldn't love a sport where barely clad titans of the gridiron fall upon each other in heaps of sensual madness for 17 minutes a quarter? Seriously though, the Lingerie Football League is a semi-football league that allows women to show off their talent and skills...  Ok, I couldn't even finish writing that last statement without smirking. Lets just get to the bad news.

You are going to be disappointed to know that the infamous "Lingerie Bowl" will not take place this year during half-time but in an attempt to give the sport some...ahem...credibility the 2013 Lingerie Bowl X moves to a summertime showdown on Saturday, August 31, 2013. Then there this bad news.

But alas my horny, creepy friends, all is not lost when it comes to thinly clad women tackling and and playfully frolicking and rolling all over each other among yard lines of the gridiron. Two members from opposing forces WILL play a 2013 Lingerie Bowl (sort of) during this years Superbowl.  Look for a little one-on-one action between two LFL players Katherine Webb and Kate Upton.

In the meantime, I've posted this video that will teach you all about the league.