It's been almost two months since former Three Days Grace vocalist Adam Gontier abruptly parted ways with the band he helped create 20 years ago. Despite the singer's departure, the rest of Three Days Grace decided to move forward and recruited My Darkest Days frontman Matt Walst, brother of bassist Brad Walst, as their temporary new singer for the time being. The band sat down with us during their stop at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek last night (February 13) to talk about their future, and how fans have stayed in their corner during uncertain times.

Three Days Grace are currently on tour with Shinedown, which was in the works before Gontier's departure. Rather than pull out from the tour, the Canadian rockers renewed their will to go on as planned. There has been mixed reactions among fans about whose side to take, but those showing up at Three Days Grace's concerts clearly have their back.

"It's been really positive, man," drummer Neil Sanderson said of the crowd's response at shows. "The fan reaction has been overwhelmingly awesome. Obviously it's been a crazy little while for all of us. It was a shock to us to know that Adam decided to leave. We were notified three days before Christmas and five weeks before this tour. We didn't have any sort of indication that that was going to happen."

Sanderson continues: "We had just made Transit of Venus, which we all agree is our best record. We were at the top of our game, playing four shows before we found out. It is what it is, but we had a promise and a commitment to the fans to come out, and we wanted to play these songs just as badly as fans wanted to hear them. The energy has been crazy in a good way. Matt is bringing this new energy to the stage and people are feeling it."

Matt Walst has been around Three Days Grace since he was young, sitting in on jam sessions at the Walst brothers' home during the band's early days. That made him the most qualified candidate to replace Gontier.

"We had a few other people in mind but he just seemed to fit it the best," says brother Brad. "I think the chemistry on stage is amazing. It just feels like we haven't missed a beat."

Three Days Grace have shows lined up later this year after the Shinedown tour, including an appearance at the Rock On The Range festival. Despite Matt being an obvious choice to be the permanent replacement, the other three members don't want to rush into any decisions.

"We're taking it one day at a time," Sanderson states. "We're two weeks into a tour and it is a big adjustment. We're really happy on how fans are going along on this journey with us and thinking positively. This band has always been about the songs and the message and that hasn't changed. To see the hardcore Three Days Grace fans coming along with us and being supportive, we still are taking it one day at a time."

Watch the interview in its entirety below, where Three Days Grace hint at possible new music in the horizon.

On a personal note, I watched Three Days Grace's set last night and I was pleasantly surprised. While one of the big reasons I have been such a longtime 3DG fan was Gontier's vocals, Matt Walst does an admirable job with his interpretations of the songs. Judging by the packed crowd's reaction inside Kellogg Arena, we think Three Days Grace are going to be just fine.

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