I used to sit in my circle of friends as they would chat about the accidents they have been in, and I would usually say as I 'knocked on wood,' "I have never been in an accident!" I'm also quite the stickler for my car, always keeping it cleaned on the outside. Well, that all came full circle yesterday...

Coming off of the 44th/Rivertown exit yesterday, I hit the most brutal ice patch of all time. I have a 2000 4x4 Jeep Cherokee and I love the thing. It has treated me so well these past couple years (minus the gas mileage), but ice couldn't stop my steel beast.

Pumped the brakes, turned the wheel, and did everything you should have. Once that ice took me though, there was no stopping and I crashed right into the back of a Grand Prix. Strangely this accident was part of a 5 car accident, and I was the caboose of the train.

Point being, this winter can suck a big one.

Not a big amount of damage, but it bug's the hell outta me (Photo: Mike Nedwick)