Theory of a Deadman stopped by the DeltaPlex Arena last Friday (November 4), opening up for 3 Doors Down. The Canadian rockers released their fourth studio album, The Truth Is..., earlier this year and quickly found themselves on the road again. Guitarist Dave Brenner and bassist Dean Back sat down with me to talk about the new album and some people's beef with their songs.

TOADM have been together since 2001, but didn't fully break through until their 2008 record, Scars and Souvenirs. That album spawned NINE singles by the end of its cycle, which is practically unheard of. Most bands would be crapping their pants trying to figure out how follow up on that type of success, but not Theory.

"We all felt really confident that we put a great record together," Brenner said. "The pressure was a little bit before (The Truth Is...) came out while we're working on it and putting it together. When it came out it was an exciting day. We're happy to start playing some new songs."

Theory of a Deadman spent over two years on the road in support of Scars and Souvenirs. Despite the exhausting schedule, fans won't have to worry about the band taking a break from touring anytime soon.

"I'm pretty sure we're going to be hitting the road for the next year and a half supporting this record," stated Back.

Brenner agreed: "We've decided that touring is how we've built our band's success. When we release a record, we just plan on touring like crazy."

With songs like "Lowlife", "The Bitch Came Back" and "Bad Girlfriend", TOADM are known for their tongue-in-cheek approach to some of their material. However, that hasn't stopped some critics from attacking the group's subject matter.

"I think there's a lot of defending," Back says of their songs. "I guess any press is good press."

"I think that Tyler (Connolly, lead vocalist) seems like he enjoys it more and more as soon as there's some kind of bad press about it," adds Brenner. "I think that anytime you can incite a reaction in anybody, good or bad, that's kind of the goal in music."

Watch the rest of the interview below. Theory of a Deadman's fourth studio album, The Truth Is..., is available in stores now.

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