Any of you guys ever invent anything? Any of you guys know what a fart parade is? Well, I invented it and as far as I know, I currently hold the fart parade world record. And not that it can’t be beat, it probably can. Maybe you can break it!

A couple of weeks ago my ex girlfriend and I went to Soaring eagle casino, we got a nice room, drank some beers, & then black jacked our balls off. And after a few hours of beers & black jacking our balls off we got hungry and hit the buffet. Then we went back to the black jack table, drank more beers & black jacked our nuts off some more. When we were going back to the room later that night I felt a little rumbling in the stomach.

I think it was the buffet roast beef, roast beef makes me fart sometimes. As we stepped out of the elevator I decided to release the gas in the hotel hallway rather than get back to the room, fart my brains out there, and stink up the entire hotel room. And as I stepped out of the elevator, I took a step and I let out a fart…loud one….then I took another step and let out another fart, and then another step and another fart……14 steps. All together I ended up with 14 farts in a row!

And that is called a fart parade! I invented it! So next time you get all gassy from casino buffet roast beef, see If you can beat my record!